Contoh Soal Tes Toefl TES CPNS 2014

soal tes toefl

Sahabat karir sudah paham tentang test TOEFL kan? Baiklah, setelah penulis berbagi ilmu tentang tes TOEFL dan sahabat karir memahami apa itu test TOEFL, mungkin sahabat karir pengen tahu bentuk tes nya seperti apa. Nah kali ini, penulis akan share tentang salah satu bentuk soal yang ada pada test TOEFL yaitu structure test. Disini, penulis share contoh soal tes TOEFL structure tes CPNS 2014
soal tes toefl

Structure test itu test seputar grammar-grammar dalam bahasa inggris. Bisa saja seputar tenses, agreement, clause, conditional sentence, relative pronoun atau grammar-grammar lainnya. Baiklah, untuk mengetahui bentuk-bentuknya, langsung saja penulis kasih tahu contoh soal tes TOEFL structure tes CPNS 2014 ini


A. Multiple Choices
1. The Eiffel Tower ______ Paris, France
a. Landmarks
b. Is landmarked in
c. Is a landmark in
d. Is in a landmark

2. Young deer ________
a. Are called fawns
b. Be fawns
c. Is fawns
d. Are fawns called
3. Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of independence
a. Its mother from
b. From mother
c. To mother
d. From its mother

4. To score a goal in soccer you _____________
a. Must kick the ball
b. Must kicks the ball
c. May kick them ball
d. Must kick them balls

5. The observation deck at the Sears Tower ________ in Chicago
a. Is highest than any other one
b. Is highest than any other one
c. Is higher than any other one
d. Is higher than any other one
6. If it __________ so cloudy, we would plan on having the fair outside
a. Was
b. Wan not
c. Weren’t
d. Had not

7. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Fransisco, Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman ________ for the vice Presidency.
a. To be nominated
b. To has been nominated
c. To have been nominated
d. To will be nominated

8. Pearl Buck, a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938 strove to bring understanding and peace on everyone.

9. In most circumstances the person that owns the property can claim the rights as money made from drilling oil in the property.

10. ________ chocolate will give you a tummy ache.
a. Eat too much
b. Eating to much
c. Eating too much
d. Eating too many
11. If she ________ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late for work.
a. Should have remembered
b. Could remembered
c. Remembered
d. Would have remembered

12. It was obvious from his response in the press conference that the candidate prepare his answers well.

13. A dream about falling __________
a. Scary is
b. Is scary
c. Are scary
d. Very scary is

14. George Washington ______________ first U.S. President.
a. Was the
b. Became
c. Were the
d. Are the

15. Amelia Eathart was _____________ to pilot her plane across the Atlantic Ocean.
a. The first and a woman
b. The first woman
c. Who the first woman
d. The woman who first

16. ___________ a tree can be grown from a seeding
a. That is generally believed
b. Believed generally is
c. Generally believed it is
d. It is generally believed that

17. The poverty level in the United States is currently set ______________ .
a. At 12,000 dollars or less
b. As 12,000 dollars or less
c. At 12,000 dollars as less
d. At 12,000 dollar or less

B. Error Recognition
18. The Treasury Department is take a new look at regulations limiting the number of interest that bank and savings, and loan associations can pay on deposits.

19. Him should be careful with that vase because it is very old and extremely fragile .

20. The repair shop keep my cassette player for six weeks before returning it, nevertheless it still does not work properly.

21. Crawfish farming have been practiced in south Louisiana for many years.

22. The main purpose of this class is to help you better understand the history of there country, and how it came to be.

23. The White Rose Bridge, which close today, for resurfacing will not be open for two months.

24. When I joined the staff of the newspaper, I were taught to write short, powerful headlines.

25. Since the official school colors are red and white, all of us has worn red and white to the championship game.

Kunci Jawaban
1. Perhatikan concord/agreement
2. Perhatikan bentuk waktu yang digunakan

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